An insight into the concept of EORI Number

An insight into the concept of EORI Number,the specialists at will gladly tell you all about it

EORI stands for Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification number which is assorted on to traders operating international trade in the EU (European Union). An EORI number basically is a unique identification number which is provided along traders and individuals that import and export goods along a trans-continental route, with its crux based in the EU.

This number if required to be provided during the pre-arrival and pre-departure information of the goods which later are to be involved in export and import. According to the new laws of the EU transit procedures, the individual must declare the goods that are being brought in or taken away from the EU.

Getting a hold of a unique EORI Number

It is to be noted that the traders that are wishing to get authorized as an authorized economic operator need to be also authorized with an identification number coded as EORI. An AEO certification is proof of the fact that the individual is an authorized individual in the international supply chain with reliable sources of export and importing lines.

It is mostly a quality mark which deciphers the goods of the trader to be of premium quality in the lines of global import and export. It is known to have a significant impact on the reputation of individuals that wish to carve a dominant mark in the field of international trade in the European Union. Certainly there is no undermining the importance of an EORI number in the field of global trade allied in EU.

It is necessary that every authorized economic operator has a unique EORI number for the completion of the process. The traders VAT number is an important requisite in this case for the designation of an EORI number. However a large number of “dummy EORI numbers” are also issued to individuals that do not possess a VAT number in the EU.