Fiscal Representative Switzerland

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Most of the businesses today are on the verge of expansion internationally. The trading operations are carried out in other countries with the help of local representatives known as fiscal representative. The businesses having their trade with the EU countries need to get registered for the VAT and other regulations processed through the local fiscal representative. In Switzerland it is must to hire a local representative to get registered with the VAT obligations of the Swiss tax authorities.


The governance system of Switzerland has imposed the VAT on the foreign countries who are involved in the trade with them and those who don’t have any establishments in the country. A local fiscal representative is necessary to be appointed by such company involved with the import/export operations within the Swiss territory. The local representative can handle the documentation and paperwork related to the registration along with any translation required for the documents in local language. The Swiss tax authorities communicate in their local language during the registration process. This situation is easily handled if the local fiscal representative is hired.


The fiscal representative is solely responsible for the VAT registration process and other declarations if required. The time required for the documentation and registration process can be reduced with the assistance of the local fiscal representative. In Switzerland it becomes important to hire a local fiscal representative in order to save the processing time and communication barriers as well as any misunderstanding with the officials. The foreign company can start their immediate operations after the appointment of fiscal representative.