Today many of the business operations are not just done in a single country but have reached a global exposure due to the globalization and consumer demands. Many of the traders need to export and import their products in the foreign countries. They have to go through the international obligations for tax and have to appoint a fiscal representative for it. It becomes essential for them to revise and understand the tax obligations of the foreign countries.


Registration for the VAT services is important for the traders in order to sell their goods in that country. Every country has their different VAT registration process generally handled by the fiscal representative. A fiscal representative , whom you can contact thanks to, handles all the documentation and registration required for the VAT services in the respective country. They ensure proper functioning of the trading operations for the businesses.


The time consuming process of VAT registration is eased by the local fiscal representative. The role of the fiscal representative is to ensure that the foreign trader is completely registered with the local tax office. It is the duty of the fiscal representative to look after the compliance of the trader with the VAT services and other trading rules. The records of the accounts, transactions and invoices are maintained by the fiscal representative required during the audit. The communication barriers during the registration are perfectly handled if a local representative is appointed for the registration process.


The documentation preparation and collection is well handled by the fiscal representative during the registration process. The professional approach towards the registration process by the local fiscal representative is helpful during the inquiries and inspection by the local tax authorities. It is due to the local fiscal representatives that the foreign traders can conveniently go for the import/export operations in other countries timely.