How about cross border vat

Cross border VAT is more complex than you should expect. Especially when you sell to private people or consumers. You have to keep the VAT treshold in mind to be VAT compliant. And this is the tricky part of cross border VAT. In al the EU Member States there are different tresholds. So when you do business across Europe, keep in mind when you exceed the VAT Treshold is that you get a penalty and you have to pay the collected VAT. Usually you have paid the VAT in the country you are located in. So what can you do to avoid the risk of getting penalties and all the time you have to spend on lawyers etc. You should go to a VAT expert. The problem is that not al these experts are able to represent you in al the different countries. First of al you have to select the right partner to do that. Most companies First talk to their accountants, but they outsource in most cases. So it is more efficiënt and cheaper for you when you can talk directly to an independent VAT specialist. You are in the Lucky situation that you found this article. Normally you have to go after a fiscal representative in each country where you want to expand. This is very complex to manage and cost you a lot of time to sign contract with al the consultancy companies. One is better than the other.

In Europe there is only one organisation that can support you in al the 28 EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway. They have concentrated the best VAT experts in one VAT Hub in the heart of Europe. For you it is very conveniënt when you expand to another country that you need to talk with one contact person. This contact person knows, you, your company and your business. This person can explain to his or her colleagues what you expect, do the applications and the administratonal effort afterwards.

In the UK you best call RM Boulanger UK and aks for your personal contact person. When you are from outside the EU and want to bring goods in the EU, you need to have an EORI number. The VAT experts can also organize and do the Application of your EORI Number. This is the one stop shopping model so you can do al the Application and administration by just one Phone call.  

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