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Learning Dutch can be hard

A lot of people, including Dutch people, can confirm that learning Dutch is difficult. Attending Dutch courses in Amsterdam can help you learn the language. Learning Dutch can be hard and that’s why a lot of people want to follow Dutch courses in Amsterdam. During this you will get clear explanation of all the grammar. When you know what is difficult, you can make sure you are paying attention during the explanation.


Dutch people want to show off

Dutch people learn English from an early age and want to show the skills they have when they can. This ensures that when they know you normally speaks English, they switch to English. But this is not good for your practising. The best thing you can do is to speak to you in Dutch. Most of the time people are willing to do. Not everybody has the patience for this, but you don’t want to practise on this kind of people.


All kinds of pronunciation

The Netherlands is a relatively small country in the world, but there are a lot of accents and dialects. You can find different accents when you are in Brabant or Maastricht. There is also another official language that is spoken in one province, it is called ‘Fries’. This is only spoken in the province of Friesland. All the accents and dialects cause a lot of variation in the pronunciation. All these dialects cause that someone from Groningen does not always knows what somebody from Limburg is saying.


For a foreigner, all the different dialects make it a lot harder to learn Dutch. But if you learn Dutch by courses in the so-called Randstad, you will learn the most neutral version of the language. Be aware of all the different dialects when you want to start a conversation in the northern, eastern or southern part of the Netherlands. Don’t stress out when you can not understand what someone is saying. Just ask them to repeat it.