Together with RM Boulanger UK through the Brexit storm

RM Boulanger UK?  Never heard of RMB Boulanger UK…. To be or not to be, you know Shakespear I hope? With the outcome of the Brexit referendum you will need RM Boulanger UK more than ever. RM Boulanger UK is your independend partner in the 27 European Member States, Norway and Switzerland. Your partner when it comes to VAT Services, EORI, WEEE representation and also for commandment. RM Boulanger UK brings knowledge and represents your company as your representative. Therefor they need to know in what kind of business you are and who are the keyplayers, your products and services.

The need for a representative that is independent and not connect to your accounting company. RM Boulanger UK is able to be the sparring partner for your accountant. RM Boulanger UK has a network throughout Europe, but has concentrated close to the heart of Europe. Even for your Intrastat returns, you can hire RM Boulanger UK. The business exists for more than 30 years and represents thousands of other multinational companies. The complexity and changing of rules and laws makes it impossible to handle your own administration in all the different countries. Also for companies doing online businesses. They have to be aware of the always changing VAT treshold. Once you are over the VAT treshold you have to apply for a local VAT number. Can you imagine that you have to do this in all the different Member States? With these countries that search for money… Money to spend on all kind of issues.

So now you understand why so many companies are working together in with RM Boulanger UK. They can focus on their business and RM Boulanger UK takes care of the rest. The only thing you have to do is contact RM Boulanger UK. The company is managed by the Third generation of Boulanger and is privatly owned. So no stock exchange influences and if investments have to be done, it is very simple to organize. You are Lucky to find this article in the internet to save you a lot of problems with all kind of administrations and penalties.

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