VACUE the Authentic VAT and Custom Experts Network

VACUE the Authentic VAT and Custom Experts Network

When you are looking for the perfect network to assist you with fiscal representation, then you VACUE should be your preference. Well, VACUE is custom experts and VAT network. It assists the American companies that carry out imports and exports with the European countries. What makes VACUE such an alluring option is that it helps the American companies completely free of charge for finding the best fiscal representation. This is possible because this network has got various sponsors.

The main sponsors of VACUE are Score BVBA, Advocatenkantoor Stappers BVBA and Inventi N.V. The prime objective of VACUE is to make imports and exports less complex for the American companies. VACUE has custom agents and fiscal representatives in about 28 European states. This includes Switzerland, Norway and United Kingdom as well.

How American companies can get in touch with VACUE

If you are an American company and have any specific request related to customs agents or VAT, then make sure that you drop in an email to this network. When you send in an email to the service desk, they will get back to you with the answers at the earliest. Usually, the response comes after about 8 working hours. You also have the chance to fill out the information request form on the website of VACUE.

Now when you decide to fill in the information request form, then it has the name of the organization, gender information, city, telephone, number and email. You can type in your question in the section and submit the form.

You need to remember that when VACUE hires the fiscal representatives for you, they will ensure that they only hire experienced agents. Moreover, VACUE also ensures that the financial agent is well-versed with the native language. The fundamental objective is to keep you away from all the hassle of custom and VAT. Therefore, VACUE leaves no stone unturned to get hold of a representative that best fits your business needs.

Custom or fiscal agents can also avail the opportunity to join VACUE

The financial or custom representatives based in Norway, Switzerland and the EU member states can also contact VACUE if they wish to adhere to the network. However, there are certain requirements set by VACUE and the representatives need to fulfil these demands. If they would meet the criteria, then they can join the VACUE network. The advantage of this practice is that VACUE can introduce these representatives to the American companies seeking their help in these EU member states.

Joining VACUE is a profitable venture for the fiscal representative as well because they get hired by reputed American companies, and there is no element of mistrust involved.

The procedure for joining VACUE as the fiscal agent is same as that of an American company joining the network. Only drop in an email to the help desk. VACUE also encourages the fact that upon hire the company should communicate their requirements to the financial representative in detail. As soon as VACUE introduces your agent make sure you fix your meeting. This is the best approach to get the best results.