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VAT Registration Belgium? Selling Belgium fries instead of French fries and using my VAT Registration Belgium makes a poor man richer. My virtual Belgium Company, with VAT Registration Belgium, is physically located in Portugal, in the Algarve, close to the city of Lagos, in the middle of the best and nicest golf courses in Europe. I spent most of my time here, enjoying the sun, playing golf, having chicken Piri Piri in Gaiu and drinking great Dao wine. There were times that I was happy was a warm meal once a week. And it all began very much unexpected. Eight years ago the company I worked for, went into bankruptcy and I was unemployed. In the beginning nice, but after some months I needed to do something again. I applied and applied for jobs, but nobody was really interested in me. In started drinking, which I can tell you now, doesn´t help anything, only cost energy and lots of money. When I visited the pharmacy, I had to wait a while and the courier bringing medicines arrived, it was a guy I knew from the local pub. We shortly had a chat and he told me, the money was ok, not great, but it was a nice job and they still needed people. He wrote on a piece of paper the telephone number and next day I called. A week later I was driving around in a Renault Kangoo, delivering medicines to pharmacies. I really liked it, was meeting new people and earned money, besides that, I had the feeling that my life made sense again. I stopped drinking and went to the gym more regular. After some months I felt the old one again, my brain was clear and I had enough money to save a bit. The nice thing of my job was as I wrote before meeting new people, but driving through the different towns, you see a lot too. One of the things surprising me, were the chains coming up, for example a chain selling “real” French baguette, a chain selling “real” Italian pizza, a chain selling “real” Spanish tortilla, etc. While I didn´t like cooking, this was an easy way for me to get, cheap, and original food. The first time I bought something from a “real” Thai food shop, I was surprised how good it tasted, but I never had Thai food before, so how real it was, I didn´t know. For my previous boss I traveled a lot through Europe and I think I know the local cuisines quit well. After the “real” Thai food, I decided for a “real” Italian pizza, I can tell you, my mind remembered something else for “real” as this pizza. It was warm and had a bit of taste, but it was far from real. Of course one “real” Italian pizza from one of these chains isn´t representative, so I decided some days later to buy a “real” Italian pizza from Pizza Italia. It taste really different compared to the first “real” pizza” I tried, but still was far away from a real, original, pizza. I was disappointed and felt also a bit miss led. But I don´t think it was illegal, so I decided that “real” Italian pizza chains sells something like pizza´s but for sure no original ones. What I loved about my business trips in France, was a nice fresh, crispy, baguette for breakfast. I always woke up with a smile in my hotel, just thinking about a nice baguette. Having this in mind, I decided to get a “real” French baguette when I was doing my delivery in Cornwall. While Cornwall is famous about the re-seller of French cheese, this must be the place for “real” French baguette. I ordered a “real” French baguette with ham and it looked quit original. I drove to the beach for my lunch and ate the “real” French baguette, with my French hotel breakfast smile on my face. The smile was gone at the first bite, it taste a bit like bread, for sure not like French bread at not at all like French baguette and it wasn´t crispy at all. I was completely astonished and even decided to throw it away. The word real for these types of food chains seems to have a different meaning as the word real in real life. A week later, the taste of the “real” French baguette was faded away and I decided only to eat baguette when I was in France again, I went to the “real” Spanish tortilla chain. I live in Brighton and not far from my apartment one of them just opened, they even gave 10% opening discount. I love tortilla with a glass of Rioja, I was used to eat and drink this in Madrid during my business trips when I didn´t feel having a big dinner. Getting into the “real” Spanish tortilla take away restaurant gave me already the feeling that real and real isn´t the same again, it smelled very British and they spoke even more British. Coming home I opened a bottle of Rioja and took a bite of the tortilla, it even tasted very British, it tasted like most of the British food, like nothing. Unbelievable that all these chains are so popular. Some weeks later, in a small town close to my city were I had my last delivery, I passed a “real” Belgium fries chain. I remembered my business trips in Belgium were I ate fries at a caravan in a street, not far away from a city called Turnhout. The tasted so excellent, real potatoes and nice golden brown. Water came in my mouth during this memory. On the way back I order “real” Belgium fries and the fishes in the river close to my purchase maybe liked them, but it was even worse as fish and chips. Then I decided I start a chain in REAL Belgium fries, all produced and pre-backed in Belgium, this is what I call real. I am now active in 12 countries, the REAL Belgium fries are delivered by my company with VAT Registration Belgium.

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