When EORI number needed?

An EORI NumberBut I never heard of an EORI Numberapplication and had no idea what it means and what the use of it was. So I used my standard routine, I started my computer and went to Google, where I typed “EORI Number”. The results made it very clear, the EORI number is stored in the EORI-database of the European Union and EORI number stays for Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number. After reading this about five times, I still had no clue what is was and what the need of an EORI Number was. It also brings advantages for companies as well as for the customs. Great now I know it. Why is nobody able to explain things in a way that people like me, owner of a flower export company in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands, understand this! I run this family company now since about 20 years after my father died. At home we grew up with flowers and school was something we went to due to the law. As of the day that I reached the age that I good quit school, I did. I joined my dad´s company and when I had my truck driving license I became truck driver. I loved my job, in the early morning I joined my father to the auction were we bought the flowers for our international customers. I helped packing them to, this had a good reason, which I will explain later. After packing we created the shipping lists and we loaded the trucks, I always took care of loading my own truck. After loading and a cup of coffee, the trip started. I had to regions, Scandinavia and France (in principle Paris). The first trips were normal and I learned my customers every time better and better and I also was getting used to the regions. The flowers were always packed in paper and bunches of flowers were packed in crates. On the way back, we took the crates and most of the paper back, to reuse it. After doing this about a year, I realized how bureaucratic the customs were, they loved the paperwork, but they never really checked the inside of the truck and when they asked to open the door, they had a quick look. To be honest what they saw where crates with flower bunches rolled in paper, or on the way back crates with a lot of paper, not really exciting. I was not even 20 years old and started to get more and more interest in girls and I liked drinking cognac. One day, I was in Copenhagen, I was a bit earlier as usual and had to wait an hour. I made a little walk and passed a shop were they sold magazines with naked girls, I decided to buy some. It was great, I had never seen something like this. When al flowers were delivered and the truck was fully loaded with empty crates and paper, I drove back direction Aalsmeer. Close to the border I realized that I had these magazines and I wasn´t sure if I was allowed to bring them into the Netherlands, so I decided to store them behind the crates and paper. I passed the borders and customs without any problem. Some weeks later I was in Paris and decided to buy two bottles of cognac, one for myself and one as a present for my father. I was almost sure that importing of max. one bottle was allowed and remembered how I “stored” my magazines from Denmark. I stored the two bottles in the same way as I did with the magazines and again, no problem, no hassle with the customs. When you drive these long trips alone in a truck you have a lot of time to think and to create all kind of planes, most of them you never can´t realize, but nice to dream off. But, in Denmark I found out how extremely expensive liquor was and in Paris I found out that the type off magazines you easy could buy in Denmark were forbidden and people were willing to pay a lot money for them. The plan was getting serious proportions. Next time in Copenhagen I will purchase about a hundred of these magazines and hide them at my secret place. And in Paris I will buy a dozen bottles of cognac and do the same. When I was in Copenhagen I did so, I bought 100 magazines and drove them back, hidden behind the crates and paper. Arriving back in Aalsmeer I unloaded, as usual, my truck alone and left the magazines in the truck. Two day later I should go to Paris. After my dad and I bought the flowers early at the auction and when all was packed, I loaded my truck, again as usual, alone. The magazines were very good hided behind the crates with bunches of flowers. Without any problems I arrived Paris and one of my customers bought, beside the ordered flowers, the magazines for double the price I paid in Copenhagen. When ready, I bought my 12 bottles of cognac and transported them to Aalsmeer in the same way as I did with the magazines. Again no problem at all with the customs. Two days later the bottles went with me, same way hidden as the magazines to Paris before, to Copenhagen and I sold them also for double the price as I paid in Paris. This continued for years and I made a lot of money with it, till my father died unexpected and I had to take-over his responsibilities. I had to stop driving trucks. We hired a new truck driver and I run the company. I was getting used to all daily business, from purchasing, planning, resource management, taxes, billing, etc. Till a letter arrived that we need an EORI Number. Never heard about it and didn´t know what it was and when I searched for it in Google, I still didn´t understand it. But I found a company who could help my with my EORI Number issue. 

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