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Bioline products

A great deal of GC Biotech’s supply comes from Bioline. These high quality products can be used in a range of biomolecular research. There are Bioline products for cloning cells with different kind of solutions and reagents. Quick-stick Ligase, Uracil DNA-Glycosilase, and competent cells can be used for proper cloning.

There is more that GC Biotech can offer in this product line. Genomics can be studied in various ways. We provide the tools needed to do solid research on epigenetics. We sell EPIK Biofluid miRNA with Panel Hi-ROX Plates. There are EPIK cancer cells and stem cells for the field of epigenetics as well.

A lot of kits can be used for preparing analysis. Molecular weight markers are useful to separate different molecules when their weight can be a problem if it’s too equal. Real-Time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) kits, RNA analysis tools and more. Such as Bioline’s nucleotides and nucleic acid isolation box or methods for NGS Library isolation. There is plenty of possibilities for sound development and study with the products of GC Biotech’s main supplier.

GC Biotech’s main suppliers

Bioline is not the only supplier of GC Biotech company. Various other companies add to the large stock of quality devices and base materials. Other main suppliers are CleanNA for nucleic acid isolation and purification which is ideal for PCR sequencing products. Another great name is BioNex with their robust workstations and liquid handling systems. DeNovix brings optimization to the next level with easy-to-use smartphone integrated spectrophotometers and fluorometers. A lot is available in this series including modules, QFX systems and dsDNA tools.

Other useful products

In order to do quality research GC Biotech has much more to offer. BiOptic is useful when one wants to study and analyze carbohydrates, detect proteins, DNA, and other bio-molecules. The Qsep100 is also very handy when it comes to do fluorescence immunoassay analysis. RBC Bioscience provides us with MagCore Systems wich offers automatic purification of various nucleic acids and a wide range of sample types. It’s known for it’s simple, fast, and user-friendly use. So if you are working in the scientific field you shop at GC Biotech’s online store.